Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The little girl in every woman…

I have had the laugh of my life, I look and reflect and I see every single time that the girl in me always shows up. I am inspired by the flaws, the worry, the shame, the fear. Because once I breath in…then out, I look back and laugh.

Choices, these can be tough to make, the lessons that I never learn, those that I have to experience - first hand, yet again I cuddle like a child when I am  confronted by that one thing *sigh* my thoughts move from place to place sometimes don’t they?

While we are at it, I embrace womanhood with all the love, all the greatness it can possibly hold, or rather bring with it. I acknowledge the fact that I can always want to worry, I can always want that cause to think otherwise when things are looking up. Why I see things that way sometimes beats me. But I know for sure, it’s because I want that assurance, that affirmation, that one little tick that will get me half smiling, half grinning.

Why you ask? Because the little girl in a woman will always surface when least expected, good thing is that I am coming to terms with it…learning, accepting, and growing with it.  I am a woman, who’s little girl does not shy away from showing…I find that cute J …I am Young :D …aren’t we all?

Tasha shico :)

Friday, 13 July 2012

The Choosing Beggar

Walking down that street almost late in the night reminded me of that set during Nairobi Half-Life, the recently worldwide premier- wacha tungoje yetu ya Kenya ikuje *patience*

Thursday nights have proven to be a task- getting home early that is- early being 10:30pm hehehe... I have taken to singing also(in my head :D ) I can do an Adelle song, my favorite that every other chic takes to during karaoke and massacres it- like I would :D and until recently I vowed not to do it bad at karaoke after this girl Jolle Moses(above link) did it during this  contest- The Voice Uk. WEWE!!! 

So  feeble looking is this guy- with curly hair but almost dirty attire. His face solemn and what not hovers around the entrance of my karaoke haven and stretches his hand to the enthusiastic ‘karaokers’ or is it ‘thirst quenchers’ this and every Thursday, and on this very night he approaches this lady and asks

Beggar: nisaidie aki, sina chakula na kwetu tuko wengi na tunafukuzwa kwa nyumba kileleshwa.
 *what now? Kile?*
Lady: aiii?
Beggar: KWENDA!!!
Eh! We (my partners in crime included) had to poke our noses in the affair, then the guy goes
Beggar: iko nene!!
Me: haiya si ukuje basi, KUJA! Kwani?
Beggar: Haiya, ati? Mnadhani…
Us: KUJA! Wacha kututisha huko mbali, KUJA!

*as he approaches us with so much gut I almost panicked, gets to where we are standing then…*
Beggar: Habari zenu?

Hahahahaah! SERIOUSLY???? Much as there was little I was going to do, I felt wasted. :D

Have a fab weekend, and in my mood this very friday, shall we sing "where have you been" from my recently fav girl?



Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Performing Anonymous

       "My name is Tashashix and I am an Addict"
Baridi nayo! This has got to be the coldest day in the history of cold in this country!
Yesterday I was up and about doing errands and boy was I freezing, with my vibes on whatsapp as well at tweeting on @shicoshix all I could manage was use a toothpick to type with (eew you think? It was a clean one lol!)

Despite the cold though, I was able to chill with my great friends in the evening- they mean a lot to me, why you ask? Because the memories I have from back in time (not that OLD! :D) the lessons I have in life, these people have a major role in it.
They support me even when I feel I have nothing to show of my achievements, they’ll have that one thing to tell me; that they love me. I sure as hell love them back…oh I dozed off during the hangout and they forgave me LMAO!

So I get home at my folks' and boy are they there, waiting for my arrival. What would I possibly be without these two love-birds. That thought is heavy so I’ll pass :)

I think about my siblings, how they've shaped my life- my character- I may be my own person but I use part of who they are to me- Love you much!  ...and my niece, the gem that earned my sister and my wonderful brother the title 'Mama-Tanei' and 'Baba Tanei' ...I think Tanei will be a household name- watch this space! I have nothing but love for the friendship in my family. 

So I set out on yet another journey, thinking through things, constructing thoughts, making plans- but it’s quite obvious that I have set out to do more, to do more with what I love most- the stage. From learning each line and making it my own, to rehearsals of perfection, to getting the right garment that will match my words and fit my shoes even when I’m barefoot. Not forgetting the darkness when I’m on stage that 3 hours later flourishes to standing ovations, I have one person to thank- You- for being that one audience that makes my addiction useful- resourceful for that matter. Stay with me on this because it means a lot to me.

My name is Tashashix, and I’m addicted to Performing Arts