Friday, 13 July 2012

The Choosing Beggar

Walking down that street almost late in the night reminded me of that set during Nairobi Half-Life, the recently worldwide premier- wacha tungoje yetu ya Kenya ikuje *patience*

Thursday nights have proven to be a task- getting home early that is- early being 10:30pm hehehe... I have taken to singing also(in my head :D ) I can do an Adelle song, my favorite that every other chic takes to during karaoke and massacres it- like I would :D and until recently I vowed not to do it bad at karaoke after this girl Jolle Moses(above link) did it during this  contest- The Voice Uk. WEWE!!! 

So  feeble looking is this guy- with curly hair but almost dirty attire. His face solemn and what not hovers around the entrance of my karaoke haven and stretches his hand to the enthusiastic ‘karaokers’ or is it ‘thirst quenchers’ this and every Thursday, and on this very night he approaches this lady and asks

Beggar: nisaidie aki, sina chakula na kwetu tuko wengi na tunafukuzwa kwa nyumba kileleshwa.
 *what now? Kile?*
Lady: aiii?
Beggar: KWENDA!!!
Eh! We (my partners in crime included) had to poke our noses in the affair, then the guy goes
Beggar: iko nene!!
Me: haiya si ukuje basi, KUJA! Kwani?
Beggar: Haiya, ati? Mnadhani…
Us: KUJA! Wacha kututisha huko mbali, KUJA!

*as he approaches us with so much gut I almost panicked, gets to where we are standing then…*
Beggar: Habari zenu?

Hahahahaah! SERIOUSLY???? Much as there was little I was going to do, I felt wasted. :D

Have a fab weekend, and in my mood this very friday, shall we sing "where have you been" from my recently fav girl?



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