Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The little girl in every woman…

I have had the laugh of my life, I look and reflect and I see every single time that the girl in me always shows up. I am inspired by the flaws, the worry, the shame, the fear. Because once I breath in…then out, I look back and laugh.

Choices, these can be tough to make, the lessons that I never learn, those that I have to experience - first hand, yet again I cuddle like a child when I am  confronted by that one thing *sigh* my thoughts move from place to place sometimes don’t they?

While we are at it, I embrace womanhood with all the love, all the greatness it can possibly hold, or rather bring with it. I acknowledge the fact that I can always want to worry, I can always want that cause to think otherwise when things are looking up. Why I see things that way sometimes beats me. But I know for sure, it’s because I want that assurance, that affirmation, that one little tick that will get me half smiling, half grinning.

Why you ask? Because the little girl in a woman will always surface when least expected, good thing is that I am coming to terms with it…learning, accepting, and growing with it.  I am a woman, who’s little girl does not shy away from showing…I find that cute J …I am Young :D …aren’t we all?

Tasha shico :)

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